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DUTIES OF TM, TTA & SR TOA ‘S 1. Phone Mechanic.

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1. Phone Mechanic.
AS PER DOT NO.29-1/96 – TE – II DATED 03.04.1996.
Scheme of cadre restructuring was introduced in the Department in October’1990
vide Memo no. 27-4/87-TE-II dated 16.10.90 as a consequence of which following new
cadres have been created.
2. Telecom Technical Assistant.
3. Senior Telecom Operating Assistant
1. Duties of Phone Mechanics
Cadre of Phone Mechanic has been created as a result of the cadre restructuring
scheme introduced in the Department in October’90 Vide memo no above.
The Phone mechanics would eventually replace the following cadres:
1. Cable Lineman,
2. Sis / LIs
3. Wireman including those placed in OTBP / BCR Scales
4. Splicers including those placed in OTBP / BCR scale.
Where as Phone Mechanics would predominantly work in the technology areas, they
would also be required to perform the duties which are being presently performed by
the above cadres who will since be phased out in due course of time.
The duties of the Phone Mechanics to be performed under overall guidance of
TTAs/JTOs are given below.
A. Overhead lines.
1. General: Prepare diagrams store lists, maintain muster roll, keep
records. Diaries climb poles without help of any appliance.
2. Construction: Assemble and erect poles, stays, bracket struts etc,
erection, leveling and jointing of wires and associated line
construction work, lay cables, run construction parties.2 | Page
3. Maintenance: Patrolling lines, giving tests for localizations of faults,
rectification of faults, attending to subscriber’s loops, run maintenance
B. Equipment.
4. General: Repair of faulty cords, keys, jacks, lamps, and lam strips,
fitting and replacing protective devices including GD tubes,
installation and maintenance of primary and secondary batteries and
power plants, testing instruments, fire fighting equipment cleaning of
5. Wiring: Fitting and wiring in subscriber offices, paying, fencing,
lacing, tagging, termination and soldering/ wrapping/IDC Termination
of switch board cables and jumper at MDF, IDF, TDF and Cabinets,
Pillars and DPs, wiring and testing of trunk and local boards, PBX,
PABX boards, all auto and electronic exchange, carrier and VFT
interstice Coaxial, microwave stations, telegraph offices and all
electrical installations.
6. Fault Rectification: Faults in manual switch- boards, Rural Exchanges
including Electronic Exchanges, faults in Telephone instruments
including plan instruments, Morse sets and associated equipments in
Telegraph office.
C. Cable Work.
7. General: Preparing diagrams, pressurization of cables installations of
gas pressure system, alarm and Schrader valves, gas barrier etc,
feed gas and take pressure readings, be conversant with color codes
of cables.
8. Maintenance and construction: Testing of cables laying and jointing
under ground cables of all types, making through schedule, branch
vertical and the joints, termination of UG cables, switch board cables
on MDF, DP and Cabinets, installation and fitting of loading coils,
testing, localization and rectification of cable faults, retrieval of faulty
pairs, use of test instruments, including pulse echo tester, joining of
optic fiber / coaxial cables, building, of pairs by rearrangement in
cabinets / pillars.
9. Miscellaneous: Assisting TTA, JTO and other superiors in
maintenance, constructing and installation of switching and
transmission equipment.
10. Any other duties assigned by his seniors.3 | Page
2. Duties of Telecom Technical Assistants. (TTAs)
A cadre of TTAs has been created as a result of the Cadre Restructuring Scheme
introduced in the Department in October’90 vides Memo no. 27-4/S4-TE II dated
10.10.90. The TTAs would eventually replace the following cadres:
(I) Technicians, Technical Supervisors, Senior Technical Supervisors and
Chief Technical Supervisors.
(II) Pis/AEAs/WO s and TA s.
Where as predominantly the TTAs would be concerned function with
the maintenance function in the new technology areas, they would
also be required to perform the function which are being presently
performed by the above cadres which will since be phased out in due
course of time.
There will be two streams in which the TTAs would be trained namely.
1. TTA s (Switching)
2. TTA s (Transmission)
The duties of TTA s to be performed under overall guidance of JTO / SDE are
listed below.
TTA (Switching)
1. Installation and maintenance of all types of local and TAX exchanges
including electronic exchanges, telex exchanges, concentrators, PABX
s trunk boards, special services, positions/ electro Technical switching
systems, auto manual positions and the associated MDF / IDF/ TDE
2. Installation and maintenance of all types to telegraph instruments and
apparatus, Tele-printers, EKB, EKBC, SFMSS and other associated
3. Installation and maintenance of power plant, battery, all types of
ringers, air conditioning equipments, pumps, motor, engine
alternators, electrical installations, fans, and desert coolers.
4. Assist JTO in installation and maintenance of computer LANs, PCs and
related equipments.4 | Page
5. Carry out daily, weekly and monthly tests on local and junction lines,
switching and junction equipments, Localization and repair of faults in
all types of exchanges.
6. Adjustment and repair of auto equipment relay set, uniselectors, two
motion selectors, multi switches/relays alarms and supervisory panels,
test instruments etc.
7. Taking traffic readings, preparation of fault statistics, fault analysis
and maintenance of records, logbooks, and inventory control, fault
8. Perform all jobs connected with technical maintenance/ installation as
assigned by JTOs/Officer in charge which may including wiring,
jumpering, soldering, painting of equipment, cutting, bending, drilling
9. Independently operate and maintain electronic exchange system up
to 500 lines, if required.
10. Repair center work of all types of telecom equipments including
power plant.
11. Maintenance of fire fighting and equipments.
12.Installation and maintenance of small capacity UHF carrier systems
including stackable carrier system and MARRs.
13. Supervise the work of Phone mechanic when required under overall
guidance of JTO / SDE.
14. Carry out any other duties assigned by the seniors.
2.TTA (Transmission)
1. Installation, maintenance and testing types of open – wire carrier,
VFT, Interstice, coaxial, MARR, PCM, optical fiber, microwave,
satellite and other type of transmission systems with all associated
2. Installation and maintenance of wireless equipment, transmitters and
receivers, Morse sets masts, aerials etc.
3. Sending, receiving and monitoring traffic on wireless links of all type,
pass massages on phone, operate auto transmitters of for weather
and traffic broadcasts as well as ship to shore weather safety/distress
messages, providing communications as per national and
international practice.5 | Page
4. Carry out testing, locating and jointing work in case cable break
down faults.
5. Splicing and splice closure work of OFC and termination of OFC of
fiber distribution frame.
6. Operation of PCT.
7. Maintenance of TNE/GAS.
8. Maintenance of Logbooks, fault registers etc.
9. Supervise the work of phone mechanic when required.
10. Perform in charge duties when required.
2. Duties of Sr TOA s:
Cadre of Sr.TOA has been created as a result of the Cadre Restructuring Scheme
Introduced in the Department in October’1990 vide Memo no.27-4/7-TE II dated
1.The Sr TOA would be predominantly utilized for handling Computer
Jobs; Corresponding to the TOAs there will be 4 streams in the Sr.TOA cadres as given
1. Sr. TOA (Phones)
2. Sr. TOA (General)
3. Sr. TOA (Telegraphs)
4. Sr.TOA (Telegraphy General)
2.The Duties of the Sr.TOA cadre to be performed under the overall
guidance of JTO/SDEs are listed below.
(i) Sr.TAO (Phones)
1. Operation of computerized Directory Enquiry, Computerized Trunk
Booking, Data Processing, fault control positions and CTMX
positions into the trunk and local exchange network.
2. Operation of Computerized key board and associated VDU.6 | Page
3. Maintenance of Computerized cable records, directory enquiry and
customer records.
4. Operation of local, trunk, special services, international trunk, test,
fault control positions etc, confirming to standard operating
procedures and maintain position logbook.
5. Speak with fluency in Hindi, English and regional language and
speak with utmost courtesy to the customer and provide all
possible assistance to the satisfaction of customers.
6. Recording customer complaints and testing of customer lines,
directing maintenance staff for rectification of faults and obtain
clearance from customers.
7. Attending to local telephone directory enquiry, assistance and time
8. Acquire adequate knowledge geography to be able to handle trunk
calls expeditiously.
9. Reading subs meters, computerized bill registers and preparing
necessary records.
10. Carry out any other duties assigned by the seniors.
(ii) Sr.TAO (General)
1. Handle all computerized jobs in the office including word
processing, sending and receiving electronic mail, preparation of
report and statements pay roll, and TRA Work.
2. Receive Dak, register including and out going letters and papers,
distribute and dispatch Dak to various sections/ assistants/ offices.
3. File incoming letters/Dak and process the case for proper disposal
including preparation of drafts, statements and reports.
4. Process cases pertaining to new telephone connections, shifting,
closing, disconnections, leased telephone / telegraph circuits etc.
5. Typing of letters, correspondence, estimates, returns and
statements etc.
6. Process cases in establishment, staff works, accounts, budget and
administration and prepare returns and statement etc.
7. Attend to complaints and keep watch on/guide Group ‘D’ staff in his
work.7 | Page
8. Assist Telecom Assistant / JTO / AE / SDO in preparation of
detailed / project estimates.
9. Any other duties assigned by seniors.
(iii) Sr. TOA (Telegraphy)
1. Operation of EKB and EKBC and terminals connected to SFT /
2. Operation of computer / word processor on computerized functions
in a Telegraphy office.
3. Transmission and receiving messages in English on Morse circuits /
Tele printers/ Tele machines.
4. Verification of Physical /channel telegraph circuits for satisfactory
5. Upkeep of Telegraph instruments and Tele-printers.
6. When posted in unified telegraph office accept and book telegrams
from public, handle cash, issue receipts and carry out all financial
and administrative duties. Speak with utmost courtesy to the public
and provide all possible assistance to the public.
7. Booking of local, STD and International calls on public Telephones.
8. Perform supervisory duties when required to do so.
9. Perform clerical functions and maintain logbooks etc.
10. Perform Telegraph functions in Telecom centers.
11. Any other duties assigned by the seniors.
(iv) Sr. TOA (Telegraphy General)
1. Operation of computer/ work processor in Telegraph offices
including Telecom Centers.
2. Accepting and booking of Telegrams and realizing due charges
from public at the public counters.
3. Booking of Trunk / International and local calls, issue receipts to
the public.
4. Guiding and assisting public in expediting calls.8 | Page
5. Booking of Phonograms on phone, preparing and passing the
message to the I.R. for transmission.
6. Sorting all A and B messages to be transmitted and sending to
transmission points.
7. Checking all the transmitted messages and entering the details in
8. Sorting of all C messages received for delivery and arranging
expeditious delivery of messages.
9. Attending to public complaints of non-delivery or late delivery of
Telegrams, speaking with utmost courtesy to the public and
provide all possible assistance to the public.
10. Sorting of Dak, entering in receipt dispatch register, maintaining
files and registers, process and disposal of cases relating to
establishment, staff, accounts, stationary and other general cases,
prepare statements returns.
11. Typing of letter / comparative statements etc. including use of
word processor.
12. Any other duties assigned by the seniors.

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